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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishturnoverturn‧o‧ver /ˈtɜːnˌəʊvə $ ˈtɜːrnˌoʊvər/ ●○○ noun  1 [singular, uncountable] British EnglishBBBUSINESSSELL the amount of business done during a particular periodturnover of The illicit drugs industry has an annual turnover of some £200 billion.turnover rose/fell Turnover rose 9%.see thesaurus at profit2 [singular, uncountable] the rate at which a particular kind of goods is soldturnover of Tri-Star’s fast turnover of stock3 [singular, uncountable]LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION the rate at which people leave an organization and are replaced by othersturnover of Low pay accounts for the high turnover.staff/labour turnover a high degree of labour turnover among women4 [countable]DF a small fruit pie an apple turnover
Examples from the Corpus
turnoverTurnover at the two restaurants was about $7.4 million this year.Turnover is expected to double now that the recession is over.Add in zero interceptions, and you have a turnover average of 0. 0.Our corporation has an annual turnover of $3.2 billion.Some inner city practices now have annual turnovers over 30%.A high turnover may well have been justified in view of volatile markets.Recently the company has been trying to increase its turnover by diversifying into other fields.On average about 25 percent of our turnover is for Group companies.Quick turnover is good for cash flow.We're doing everything we can to reduce staff turnover.Early, the Bulldogs made enough bombs to offset their turnovers.annual turnoverProfessional villainy now boasts an annual turnover of £14 billion.He has been with the group, which has an annual turnover of £8-9m, for the past seven years.Some inner city practices now have annual turnovers over 30%.But he pointed out that his annual turnover was well above £1m.He will support seven managers and staff, dealing with businesses with individual annual turnover of more than £1m.All in all, around £3.5 billion of the company's annual turnover might be chopped out.The level of business exported currently stands at 20 percent of Rolls Wood Group's annual turnover.On the domestic market, total annual turnover of £433 billion was the highest since 1987.high turnoverWith a high turnover of owners, a certain amount of skepticism has been built into the rooms.A high turnover may well have been justified in view of volatile markets.Possible benefits from this strategy are large profits from high turnover and economies of scale.Two invest oversized chunks of their portfolios in individual stocks and the third generates high turnover in a computer-driven momentum investment style.So, shop where you know there is high turnover of produce.Zurich: Selected blue chips saw high turnover as shares firmed across the board.Any organization looking to send a message by way of systematic high turnover should consider the grave implications of this cold-blooded approach.The very high turnover of caregivers in institutional settings is perhaps the major way in which they differ from ordinary family life.