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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunprofitableun‧prof‧it‧a‧ble /ʌnˈprɒfətəbəl $ -ˈprɑː-/ adjective  1 BBmaking no profit unprofitable businesses2 formalPOINTLESS producing no advantages It would be unprofitable to pursue this argument any further.
Examples from the Corpus
unprofitableEflornithine, a new drug for sleeping sickness, was discontinued because it was unprofitable.The company says that the publishing side of its division is unprofitable and must be closed down.The bank isn't likely to lend money to an unprofitable business like yours.LeBow bought the Liggett Group in 1986 and later combined it with several other unprofitable companies into the Brooke Group.Unprofitable flight routes have been axed as recession hits the aviation industry.I stopped this unprofitable growth just in time.As farming in North Queensferry, Fife, proved unprofitable, he moved to London in 1828.unprofitable state-owned enterprises