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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishCEOCEO /ˌsiː iː ˈəʊ $ -ˈoʊ/ noun [countable]  BOBBC (Chief Executive Officer) the person with the most authority in a large company
Examples from the Corpus
CEOSome finance people, four engineers, a CEO, a coordinator, a lawyer, and a marketing guy.Space Co. in 1984 and chairman and CEO of Lockheed Corp. in 1989.Ken Dear, chairman and CEO of Chevron, made $ 3,679,454 in 1995.ParcPlace Systems has got itself a new president and CEO.First, I would strongly advise other CEOs to follow our experience because the results stood to be nothing short of spectacular.The winners of the special CEO awards will be given an attractive travel opportunity.The biggest problems faced by the CEO of a large corporation are vastly more complex than those encountered on the shop floor.The other half agreed with the CEO.