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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompany secretaryˌcompany ˈsecretary noun (plural company secretaries) [countable]  BBCsomeone with a high position in a company who deals with administrative and legal matters
Examples from the Corpus
company secretaryIts chairman and company secretary are being questioned by police investigating allegations of fraud.He is a cost accountant and also acts as company secretary in respect of share issues, pensions and the like.For company secretary they settled on a 34-year-old chartered accountant called Michael Henshaw.Having said that, the fact is that Mrs X is company secretary and therefore a company employee.A company which has a sole director is required by s. 283 to have another person as its company secretary.The company secretary had simply passed on an oral instruction.According to company secretary Lawrence Bland, the aim was to get rid of excess capacity.