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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanagementman‧age‧ment /ˈmænɪdʒmənt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [uncountable]BBBMANAGER the activity of controlling and organizing the work that a company or organization doesgood/bad management good management and co-operation with staff a lack of management skills a management consultant management training courses2 [singular, uncountable]BBBMANAGER the people who are in charge of a company or organization The management has agreed to the policy. The shareholders demanded a change in management. management decisions The factory is under new management.senior/top management It is difficult to retain top management. a member of the senior management teammiddle management (=the people in charge of small groups within an organization)GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning, management is usually followed by a singular verb: The management is bringing in a new IT system.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The management are bringing in a new IT system.3 [uncountable]CONTROL the way that people control and organize different situations that happen in their lives or their workmanagement of careful management of the economy traffic management The successful applicant will have experience in project management. courses in time managementcrisis management (=when you deal with an unusually difficult or dangerous situation)
Examples from the Corpus
managementFranklin runs a management consulting firm.a management decisionThe failure of many small businesses is caused by bad management.Like Cockburn, Hoggett stresses the links between changes in the organization of local government and those of capitalist management.Case management benefits both the ill employee and the employer.It examines the relationship between fertility histories and household labour availability, and the consequences for labour intensive techniques of environmental management.The Forest Service is preparing a new forest management plan.Ueberroth won praise for his management of the Los Angeles Olympics.a course aimed at improving management skillsThere has been a recent change in management at the restaurant.Val has finished college and is looking for a job in management.Some companies have dispensed with the middle management function altogether.Encouraging the profession to adopt practice management standards invites the same question about the Society itself.By this time we had grown weary of heart-to-heart chats with senior management.Senior management seem to be completely out of touch with their staff's needs.Talks between the workers and the management broke down today.The management felt this was the right decision.You would certainly need convincing that they were going to change their management practices.Recruitment of top management appears to be through two circuits, but with a predominantly one-way flow.good/bad managementA hotel building that long existed if given good management and good services becomes a real hotel.Conservatives believe in good management and not paying out £ millions in interest.Lessons from the past Since the 1960s the impact of good management at school level has been increasingly clear.But once again, our attempt to prevent bad management made good management impossible.In Search of Excellence, in my judgment, deserves a place beside the two or three best management books ever written.Not all the evidence about its early years pointed towards good management.Lack of training? Bad management?How did a plant in trouble be-come a high-performing plant with good management / employee relations in just three years?middle managementInformation is now provided for various Government departments and senior and middle management throughout the organisation.However, not everyone believes that eliminating middle management from organisations is the panacea for all corporate ills.The post-independence generation is already in middle management positions.Gordon is in customer support for a large computer company so heavy in middle management that he hardly ever works.We also recruit some assistant food and beverage managers with experience directly into middle management positions.At the other extreme, you might distinguish only among top management, middle management, and the front lines.Many middle management jobs have been cut.Rumors swept up from the factory floor and lofted back down again from the cubicles of middle management.The others came from the middle management layer.crisis managementIt must be borne in mind that there is a crucial distinction between crisis management and crisis resolution.These concepts emphasise class, crisis management and bureaucracy.They find themselves indulging in crisis management and employing stopgap solutions and holding operations.Its defenders claim that to create the impression of progress is in itself a vital part of crisis management.