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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishAGMAGM /ˌeɪ dʒiː ˈem/ noun [countable] British English  BMEET (annual general meeting) a meeting held once a year by a club, business, or organization for the members to discuss the previous year’s business, elect officials etc syn annual meeting American English
Examples from the Corpus
AGMDuring 1991, AGMs were found not only around the Seattle-Vancouver area, but also near Portland, Oregon.Attendance at AGMs was small and directors were returned unopposed.Out of all this came a resolution passed at the District AGM the following November.Only one photograph of a newly installed chairman has been sent to me since January's Divisional AGMs.Perhaps you could let me have it back at the AGM?The conference started a day earlier this time with the AGM commencing on the Friday and finishing on Saturday morning.