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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbankruptcybank‧rupt‧cy /ˈbæŋkrʌptsi/ ●●○ noun (plural bankruptcies)  1 [countable, uncountable]BMONEY the state of being unable to pay your debts syn insolvency In 1999 it was revealed that he was close to bankruptcy. When inflation rises, so do bankruptcies.2 [uncountable]NOT HAVE a total lack of a particular good quality the moral bankruptcy of terrorism
Examples from the Corpus
bankruptcyWith the abrupt economic slowdown, credit card companies expect more delinquencies and bankruptcies.Bankers and the new elite were threatened by bankruptcy.Corporate bankruptcies increased last year.the moral bankruptcy of this materialistic societyHere, when the relevant act of bankruptcy occurred, Mr. Dennis was a beneficial joint tenant of the two properties.Public enterprises run little risk of bankruptcy, and if targets are not met, governments usually step in to cover deficits.Trying to determine where the bulk of investors' money has gone is the primary goal of the bankruptcy court.But the company which makes it has been close to bankruptcy.They want more disclosure from the industry in exchange for tougher bankruptcy laws.