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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMBAMBA (also M.B.A. American English) /ˌem biː ˈeɪ/ noun [countable]  SECB (Master of Business Administration) a university degree in the skills needed to be in charge of a business that you can get after your first degree. A person who has this degree is also called an MBA Rick is a 32-year-old MBA from Harvard.do/have an MBA
Examples from the Corpus
MBAHe left in November 1998 to do an MBA.Without having been to college or tech or university, an IBMer at Greenock can take an MBA.John Sculley, like Jim Burke, believes in formal education and took an MBA.Kim: Who are MBAs who work the late-night shift at bookstores and / or coffee houses?She and Muhammad were married in Louisville in 1986, after she earned her MBA.Full-time, part-time and Modular MBA programmes are also available.Consultancy or academic experience and/or MBA useful.It is anticipated that most students will reach MBA level within two to three years.do/have an MBAHe left in November 1998 to do an MBA.