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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnegotiablene‧go‧ti‧a‧ble /nɪˈɡəʊʃiəbəl, -ʃə- $ -ˈɡoʊ-/ adjective  1 BDISCUSSan offer, price, contract etc that is negotiable can be discussed and changed before being agreed on opp non-negotiable Part-time barman required. Hours and salary negotiable. The price is not negotiable.2 TTRa road, path etc that is negotiable can be travelled along The road is only negotiable in the dry season.3 technicalBFB a cheque that is negotiable can be exchanged for money
Examples from the Corpus
negotiableCommissions are now negotiable. 2.Bank charges for loans are often negotiable.The contract is for a period of six months, and is not negotiable.We are looking for an experienced journalist to join the news team. The salary is negotiable.The organization that flows from the office of shaikh was more tenuous, more negotiable, but crucial to making peaces.The fact is everything is negotiable in business, not simply the price.Illustrations are the many uses to which the negotiable instrument has been put.In theory, issues of definitive debt instruments in the Euromarkets are negotiable instruments.However, the contents of a relocation package are not, in the main, considered to be a negotiable item by most employers.The offer is negotiable, so feel free to suggest changes.