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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-profitˌnon-ˈprofit (also non-profitmaking British English, not-for-profit especially American English) adjective  BPROFITa non-profit organization uses the money it earns to help people instead of making a profit a non-profit educational institution
Examples from the Corpus
non-profitNetscape Navigator is free to students, colleges and non-profit agencies.It will operate them on a non-profit basis.Private land trusts, not to be confused with state trust land, are non-profit groups dedicated to preserving open space.The Center for International Exhibitions would have non-profit Kunsthalles without permanent collections in those cities.The same logic is true for non-profit making organisations like government agencies or local government authorities.Private money is less important, but still significant for some areas of voluntary non-profit social service.