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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishowner-occupiedˌowner-ˈoccupied adjective  BOWNhouses, apartments etc that are owner-occupied are lived in by the people who own them Most of these properties are owner-occupied.owner-occupier noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
owner-occupiedOnly four million homes were owner-occupied 40 years ago compared with 15 million today.Only Torbay, with its high proportion of elderly and retired persons in owner-occupied accommodation, is more poorly provided.While the scope for profitable investment in manufacturing industry was limited, the owner-occupied housing market seemed ideal for loan capital.An extra £750m will be used before the end of 1992/93 to buy up some empty properties in the owner-occupied housing sector.This is typically true in the case of taxes on land, personal property, and owner-occupied residences.A large proportion of dwellings constructed beyond the cities since 1960 have been in the owner-occupied sector.Two factors are mainly responsible for movement from the owner-occupied to local authority sectors - unemployment and marital breakdown.In 1990, movers had settled in 12 percent of 5. 7 million owner-occupied units.