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packpack2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 things wrapped togetherBTOGETHER something wrapped in paper or packed in a box and then sent by post or taken somewherepack of a pack of three T-shirts Send away for your free information pack today. six-pack(1)2 small container especially American EnglishGROUP OF THINGS a small container, usually made of paper, that something is sold in syn packet British Englishpack of a pack of cigarettes a 10 oz pack of frozen peas3 bag especially British EnglishDCDLO a bag that you carry on your back, especially when climbing or walking, used to carry equipment, clothes etc syn rucksack British English, backpack4 cardsDGC (also pack of cards) a complete set of playing cards syn deck5 animalsHBA a group of wild animals that hunt together, or a group of dogs trained to hunt together a wolf packpack of a pack of houndssee thesaurus at group6 group of peopleGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of the same type of people, especially a group who you do not approve ofpack of A pack of reporters were waiting outside. 7 be leading the pack/be ahead of the pack8 pack of lies9 Cub/Brownie pack10 on a woundMDMH a thick soft piece of cloth that you press on a wound to stop the flow of blood syn compress ice pack
Examples from the Corpus
packHe pulled a pack of Tareytons out and lit one.Then, as you listen closely, you hear an answering pack from a distant ridge.I set up the bottle on the bedside table and a fresh pack of cigarettes.a video gift packIn 1938, a flood wiped out many of the camps, diminishing the need for the pack trains.If the pack has become too big and unmanageable, the dominant male must spend all his time trying to control it.Susan took a mint out of the pack.No hyena wants to fight outside the pack.This month will see the launch of the Coldwatch campaign and details can be found in this newsletter together with the pack.It was full of people strangely dressed in plus fours and navy blue suits, with packs strapped to their backs.information packThese observations and facts come from an information pack about National Bike Week, recently published.Details and information pack can be obtained by telephoning or writing to the Catholic Social Welfare Society.Write or call now for a comprehensive information pack or to arrange a showhouse visit.Farmers should ask for our special Finance for Farming information pack.If you'd like more information on the seven car 605 range, call for a free information pack.Ring for a Western Loire information pack and the Brittany Ferries brochure.This policy was included in the mid-March information pack.For a full product information pack please circle the reader service number or ring our technical department on.