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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrebatere‧bate /ˈriːbeɪt/ noun [countable]  PETBan amount of money that is paid back to you when you have paid too much tax, rent etc You may be entitled to a tax rebate.
Examples from the Corpus
rebateBut the event clerk denied a rebate had been promised.Chrysler said it sold lots of minivans, trucks and Jeeps without resorting to big rebates.How is a local authority to react to thousands of claims for rebate?The Ford Citibank credit card offers a 5 percent rebate on the purchase of a new Ford car or truck.In the end I managed to claim a tax rebate.We were delighted to hear that we were entitled to a tax rebate of over £1000.The great corporate tax rebate mirrors the great corporate handout.Treasury sums said the rebate would be worth £4m, but would cost more to fix.