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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishredeemre‧deem /rɪˈdiːm/ ●○○ verb [transitive] formal  1 improve somethingIMPROVE to make something less bad syn make up for Olivier’s performance redeemed an otherwise second-rate play.redeeming quality/feature etc (=the one good thing about an unpleasant person or thing) The hotel had a single redeeming feature – it was cheap.2 redeem yourself3 get money for somethingBMONEY to exchange a piece of paper representing an amount of money for that amount of money or for goods equal in cost to that amount of money You can redeem the coupon at any store.4 religionRRC to free someone from the power of evil, especially in the Christian religion Redeemer5 redeem a promise/pledge6 get something backBFL to buy back something which you left with someone you borrowed money fromredeem something from something He finally redeemed his watch from the pawnbroker.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
redeemThe system had failed so badly there was no way to redeem it.Any rally will be undermined by corporate investors redeeming mutual fund holdings, Subramanian said.I finally redeemed my watch from the pawnbrokers.Any compilation is going to be a shallow thing redeemed only by the actual songs on it.Can you explain simply what one purpose or one redeeming quality that movie embraced?Heavy redemption penalties also apply; but you are unlikely to want to redeem such a good deal.Travelers can redeem the coupons for one-way flights.Liberated serfs would then redeem their debts over a period of years.Frans Hals had painted portraits of girls who could only be described as plain, but something lively and piquant redeemed them.If there is a redeeming trait in him, he has not revealed it.Christ came to Earth to redeem us from our sins.redeeming quality/feature etcShe didn't want him to be a man with any redeeming qualities.Vangrey, the chosen beau, has one redeeming feature.The lack of any redeeming features causes the book to be somewhat unconvincing.I hate the tube in London, but the one redeeming feature is staring at the faces ... We all do it.Yet for the United States, coal has an overpowering redeeming feature -- it is in goodly supply.When the fact dawned on him it nearly broke his heart, but now it seemed the redeeming feature of the case.Can you explain simply what one purpose or one redeeming quality that movie embraced?The redeeming feature was that it was all in aid of charity and two children's hospitals outside Moscow benefited.