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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcribcrib1 /krɪb/ noun  1 cot.jpg [countable]DHB American English a bed for a baby or young child, with bars on the side to stop the baby from falling out syn cot British English2 [countable] British English a bed with high sides for a very young baby, which you can move gently from side to side syn cradle3 [countable]TA a wooden frame in which you put food for animals such as cows and horses4 RRC[countable] British English a model of the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth, often placed in churches and homes at ChristmasNativity5 [countable] British English informal a book or piece of paper with information or answers to questions, which students sometimes use dishonestly in examinations 6 [countable] American English spoken the place where someone livessomebody’s crib I’m not at my crib, I’m at Jed’s house.7 [uncountable]DGC the card game of cribbage
Examples from the Corpus
cribThe small sleigh bed with removable railings can be used as a crib or a daybed.Lying in a crib, Mary was lethargic, fevered, and unable to swallow any liquids for four days.He thought of his grandmother behind the bars of her giant crib.I saw her standing in her crib at the Shishu Bhawan in Shantinagar.He made a simple crib for the baby, and heaped praise on Sien whenever she acted maternally.She glanced at the crib in the corner.A man playing cards had an open wound in his forehead, blood dripping on to the crib board.Another tradition he encouraged was the crib.