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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdealdeal1 /diːl/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 agreement [countable]AGREE an agreement or arrangement, especially in business or politics, that helps both sides involved They made a deal to sell the land to a property developer.deal with rumors that the company had done a deal with Microsoft to market its productsdeal between Twelve US soldiers were released after a deal between the army and the guerillas.2 a great/good deal3 treatment [countable usually singular]TREAT/BEHAVE TOWARDS treatment of a particular type that is given or receiveda better/fairer etc deal a better deal for nurses The prime minister promised farmers a new deal (=a new and fairer system).a rough/raw deal (=unfair treatment) Women tend to get a raw deal from employers.4 it’s a deal5 what's the deal?6 cards [singular]DGC when you give out cards to players in a card gamedealer It’s your deal, Alison.7 wood [uncountable] British EnglishTIHBP fir or pine wood used for making things a deal table8 a deal of something big dealCOLLOCATIONSverbsdo a dealThe two companies have recently done a major deal.make a deal informalWhy don't we make a deal to stay out of each other's way?reach/strike a deal (=agree a deal after a lot of discussions)The US and North Korea reached a deal about North Korea's nuclear development program.sign a dealThe singer has signed a $20 million deal with an American TV network.negotiate a deal (=agree a deal by discussing over a long period)We have negotiated a special deal with one of the world’s leading car hire companies.close/conclude a deal formal (=agree a deal formally)A deal between the two companies has now been concluded.clinch a deal (=finally agree on a deal, especially one that is good for you)The salesman was eager to clinch the deal.cut a deal informal (=agree a deal, especially when it is difficult or you have to accept some things you would rather not accept)In the end, they had to cut a deal with the Communists.have a deal informal (=have made or agreed on a deal)Do we have a deal?get a good deal (=buy something at a good price)He thought he had got a good deal.back out of/pull out of a deal (=decide not to make a deal after discussing one)Twenty-five jobs were lost after their partner pulled out of the deal.a deal goes through/ahead (=it happens as arranged)It’s 99% certain that the deal will go through.a deal falls through (=does not happen as arranged)The cost was simply too high, so the deal fell through.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + deala good deal (=a good price, offer, or arrangement)You can buy two for £10, which sounds like a good deal.a business dealHe lost a fortune in an unwise business deal.a pay deal (=one that involves an agreement about how much people will be paid)They are currently negotiating a new pay deal.a peace deal (=an agreement to end fighting between countries)Hopes of a peace deal are fading.a financial/political etc dealAfter weeks of negotiation the prospect of a political deal seemed increasingly unlikely.an arms/weapons deal (=one which involves selling weapons)A number of recent arms deals have embarrassed the government.a record deal (=one between a singer or band and a recording company)It’s hard for a band to get a record deal.a one-year/two-year etc deal (=one that will be fixed for one year, two years etc)The five-year deal is estimated to be worth $17.2 million.a shady deal (=dishonest or illegal)Some senior members of the party were involved in shady deals and bribery.phrasespart of the dealI got free accommodation as part of the deal.the terms of a deal (=the details or conditions in it)The hotel group refused to release the financial terms of the deal.a done deal informal (=something that has been completely agreed)The takeover has been described as a done deal.
Examples from the Corpus
dealTaylor recently signed a deal to lease her three-bedroom home for $14,000.As a result, you can get a better deal on a Mac today than at any time in the past.It all adds up to a better deal, for your managers, your training budget and for effective corporate management development.With interest rates low, deals and refinancings are expected to be brisk.They agreed a $55 million deal with a leading Japanese automobile company.Clare's fund gets £90million from the new deal.Wickes lost a lot of money on two large property deals.The actions left industry analysts uncertain about the deal.Negotiations for the deal took more than 14 months.The payments were awarded to him in spite of the fact that he participated in the negotiation of the deal with VastNed.It is expected that the deal will be finalized before the end of May.The deal would create the nation's largest credit card company.deal withI spend most of my working day dealing with customer inquiries.I deal with farmers, selling them things like cattle feed and insecticides.Who is dealing with the accommodation arrangements for the conference?They don't buy their office supplies from a store - they only deal with the manufacturers.We don't deal with the actors directly - we usually have to go through their agents.I'm sorry I'm late. I had an urgent call to deal with.The police received training in how to deal with families of crime victims.I try to deal with everyone in an honest, ethical way.There's only one way to deal with naughty children and that's to be strict with them.a better/fairer etc dealStrength in numbers will allow us to give customers a better deal.Just compare Cosmos value - we are convinced you won't find a better deal anywhere!It's certainly hard to find a better deal anywhere else in the country.Could we find a better deal on word processors?I will never lie against my people, crawl for a better deal for myself.He said she made up the tales of abuse to get a better deal in the divorce.Under increasing public pressure, farmers are taking a greater interest in free-range systems which give a fairer deal to farm animals.It all adds up to a better deal, for your managers, your training budget and for effective corporate management development.