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shuffleshuffle2 noun  1 [singular]WALK a slow walk in which you do not lift your feet off the ground2 [countable]DGC the act of mixing cards into a different order before playing a game3 be/get lost in the shuffle
Examples from the Corpus
shuffleNo time for shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, or slow-as-molasses soliloquies.Hold, nudge, spin, kick, shuffle, double, win, lose.The latest management shuffle involved the heads of sales, finance, and personnel.The shareholding shuffle is likely to have been provoked by Philip Morris which is thought to have lost interest in Rothmans.I saw him doing a side shuffle to the main entrance as we all trooped along here.Some shuffle and bustle along, with stiff, tense movements, head poking forward.The theory, however, broke down; both customers and employees got lost in the shuffle.And in our sandwich, the grated cheese, when melted, got lost in the shuffle of the other ingredients.I could imagine tight kimonos, vulnerable shuffles, and decorative combs.