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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolitairesol‧i‧taire /ˌsɒləˈteə $ ˌsɑːləˈter/ noun  1 solitaire.jpg [uncountable]DGD a game played by one person with small wooden or plastic pieces on a board2 [countable]DCJ a single jewel, or a piece of jewellery with a single jewel in it, especially a large diamond a diamond solitaire3 [uncountable] American EnglishDGC a game of cards for one person syn patience British English
Examples from the Corpus
solitaireSo I play patience, and solitaire.Another solitaire! the only one I know.Peg's with a few books, playing cards, solitaire board, jar of caramels.They taught me darning, knitting, embroidering, mending, solitaire, palm-reading, whatever they knew.I ate and then watched Jack playing solitaire and losing.The old man sat playing solitaire at a card table in front of the stone fireplace.Solving solitaire centres I have always envied John and Barbara's solitaire board.