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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhistwhist /wɪst/ noun [uncountable]  DGCa card game for four players in two pairs, in which each pair tries to win the most tricks
Examples from the Corpus
whistPopular games normally are: whist, rummy, scrabble, draughts, dominoes or poker.Consider the card games, whist and bridge.I have sometimes wondered if they, Cooper and McMahon ever managed to get together for a rubber of whist or bridge.They'd enjoyed a game of snap or whist or gin rummy.Some played whist, but everyone danced.Psycho was a cross-legged Hindu figure, twenty-two inches high, which played whist with the audience.The whist drives for the school - you can take part in the preparations.Tunstall does have a village hall where whist drives and an annual coffee evening are held.