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acetate acid acidic acidify active additive agent alchemy alcohol alkali alkaline amalgam antioxidant -ate base bauxite beaker benzene biochemistry bitumen bleach bond bonding calcify carbohydrate carbon dioxide carbonize catalyst caustic chain reaction chemical(n) chemical(a) chemical reaction chemist chemistry chlorinate citric acid combustion concentration condense contaminant contaminate contaminated corrode corrosion corrosive crucible crystal crystallize cyanide DDT decay(v) decay(n) decompose degrade derive detoxification dextrose dioxin dispersion dissolve distill effervesce effervescent electrolysis electrolyte electroplate emulsify emulsion enzyme expand fatty acid ferment(v) ferment(n) flashback flask formaldehyde formula fructose fungicide fuse gas gaseous glucose granular graphite hallucinogen helium herbicide hydrate inert insoluble insulin ion ionize lactic acid limescale litmus litmus paper litmus test methane mixture molecule neon nerve gas neutralize neutron nitric acid nucleic acid nucleus nutrient organic chemistry osmosis oxidize oxyacetylene oxygenate ozone part pectin pesticide pestle petrochemical pH photosynthesis plasma polyunsaturated potash precipitate(v) precipitate(n) precipitation product prussic acid quicklime radioactive radioactivity radiology react reaction reactive reagent residue retort riboflavin salt saltpetre saturate saturated saturation saturation point semiconductor soft solid solution solvent stability stabilizer stable starch steam sucrose sulphate sulphide sulphur sulphur dioxide sulphuric acid sulphurous surface tension suspension synthesize synthetic tannin tartaric acid TNT unstable valence vitamin volatile vulcanize water softener water-soluble water vapour wetting agent


chem‧is‧try S2 [uncountable]
1 the science that is concerned with studying the structure of substances and the way that they change or combine with each other [↪ biochemistry, biology, physics]
2 if there is chemistry between two people, they like each other and find each other attractive
chemistry between
It's obvious that there's a very real chemistry between them.
3 the way substances combine in a particular process, thing, person etc:
a person's body chemistry