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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamalgama‧mal‧gam /əˈmælɡəm/ noun  [countable] formalMIX a mixture of different thingsamalgam of an amalgam of different stylessee thesaurus at mixture
Examples from the Corpus
amalgamHistory is an amalgam of fact and action.The victory on paid holidays was achieved out of a mixture of motives, an amalgam of control and progressive reform.These guys are an energetic amalgam of jazz, funk and something a little harder.But these are different ways of utilizing existing chemical skills in a new amalgam.Hargreaves was a rich amalgam of natural gifts and sensibilities.These then are some of the elements of Green's amalgam.Sometimes relying on startling amalgams of stylistic influences, members of the Soviet vanguard mostly strived to find their own personal voices.amalgam ofThe band's songs are an interesting amalgam of different musical styles.