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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbenzeneben‧zene /ˈbenziːn, benˈziːn/ noun [uncountable]  TIa liquid obtained from coal, used for making plastics
Examples from the Corpus
benzeneOne of the hydrogen atoms in ammonia is replaced by a benzene ring.The copious benzene rings and potential carboxylic acid groups in coal suggest that these transformations might not be too difficult.Solid begins to form at point A. Depending on the composition of the mixture, the solid will be either benzene or naphthalene.Typical results are shown in table 9.2 for a polystyrene sample dissolved in benzene.The corresponding value for the distribution of iodine in benzene and water is about 400.For over six months faulty filters were letting benzene through.Studies on people exposed to high concentrations of benzene in the workplace have shown it is linked with leukaemia.The curve in the middle shows what happens when a mixture of benzene and naphthalene is cooled.