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chemicalchemical2 ●●● W3 AWL adjective [only before noun]  HCrelating to substances, the study of substances, or processes involving changes in substances the chemical composition of bleach a chemical analysis of the soilchemically /-kli/ adverb Chemically, the substances are similar.
Examples from the Corpus
chemicala chemical analysis of the skeletonsFor example, the natural arrangement of the chemical elements in Mendeleyev's periodic table has groups of traits reappearing cyclically.chemical engineeringThe hon. Member for Londonderry, East asked about emissions from the chemical incinerator at the Coalite works.Traditionally, the rare earths have been used as catalysts in the chemical industry and in flints for cigarette lighters.Samples of rock from them have provided researchers with most of their knowledge of the chemical makeup of the mantle.In Zurich, stocks eased, led down by the chemical sector.The quick way is not to use any artificial fertilisers, chemical sprays or dusts.Rather, it was based on the fact that chemical weapons are not useful for us.