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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcruciblecru‧ci‧ble /ˈkruːsəbəl/ noun [countable]  HCa container in which substances are heated to very high temperatures
Examples from the Corpus
crucibleThe Minnesota story highlights the power of performance as a crucible for behavior change.In the center of this shell, above the burner, he placed a fire-clay crucible.At first, they rolled tires from crucible steel, a method predating Bessemer and the other recent innovations.Depending on the furnace type used, the melting of the glass batch was normally carried out in crucibles.At Jalame crucibles must have been necessary to allow the gathering of glass on a blowing iron.It was a sort of devil's crucible, giving off poisonous fumes, just like a bowl of vitriol.New York and Los Angeles have arguably replaced Paris as the crucible of new artistic culture.Paul Celan's answers were formed in the crucible of his imagination and in the circumstances of his life.