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decaydecay2 ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 DECAYthe natural chemical change that causes the slow destruction of something old cars in various stages of decay tooth decay2 DESTROYthe gradual destruction of buildings, structures etc because they have not been cared for poverty and urban decayfall into (a state of) decay During the war, the area fell into decay.3 LESSthe gradual destruction of ideas, beliefs, social or political systems etc moral decayCOLLOCATIONSverbscause decayBacteria stick to food and cause decay.prevent decayYou can use a preservative on the wood to prevent further decay.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + decay tooth/dental decayEating too much sugar causes tooth decay.natural decayEverything in our environment is subject to natural decay.phrasesthe process of decayThe natural processes of decay gradually destroys archaeological sites.a sign of decayI couldn't see any signs of decay on the fruit.
Examples from the Corpus
decayAnd it's the bodily imperfections and decay which lead us to desire a permanence of the human essence.I have noticed decay in some of the floorboards.Tiny organisms that live in the soil assist the process of decay.Now, however, the great Latin cities fell prey to widespread depopulation, economic decline, and physical decay.Without renewal, decay becomes irredeemable.But nomatterwhat cosmetics we use, what exercises we do, the decay of our bodies moves inexorably forward.The decay constant F includes any process that destroys c1, c2 or their correlation.the decay of the central government in RussiaBrushing your teeth regularly helps to fight against tooth decay.Its rough surface traps the microflora responsible for halitosis and tooth decay.An optimistic theory of evolutionary progress was surreptitiously beginning to replace the pessimistic doctrine of universal decay.stages of decayThe place was littered with barbed wire and rotting lumber and a dozen old boats in various stages of decay.The organic matter in soil consists of plant and animal debris or waste in varying stages of decay.fall into (a state of) decayFrom the time of Laurence little work was carried out on the Palace and it was again allowed to fall into decay.