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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheffervescentef‧fer‧vesc‧ent /ˌefəˈvesənt◂ $ ˌefər-/ adjective  1 HAPPYsomeone who is effervescent is very happy, excited, and active an effervescent personality2 HCa liquid that is effervescent produces small bubbles of gas syn fizzy, sparklingeffervescence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
effervescentHer shoulder was stinging, but Maria couldn't help laughing at his effervescent antics.Likewise, those that thought they were too ephemeral and effervescent, began to appreciate them.The effervescent eschatology of sunshine and wealth had gone flat.Wind is whistling around the frameless doors, too, but it's pure uplifting, effervescent fun.Tamburlaine's effervescent personality and self-confidence are also echoed throughout the play.We asked our effervescent typist what she might have been thinking at the time, but she only blushed.He has his care-free, pretty, effervescent wife back for the moment.