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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelectrolytee‧lec‧tro‧lyte /ɪˈlektrəlaɪt/ noun [countable] technical  HCa liquid that allows electricity to pass through it
Examples from the Corpus
electrolyteNet absorption of water and electrolytes was calculated using standard formulas.Cholera toxin reduced absorption of water and electrolytes progressively over four hours and induced secretion in a dose dependent fashion.The decreased secretion of aldosterone will affect body electrolyte balance and extracellular fluid volume.Even sports drinks may not contain enough electrolytes -- or the body may not absorb them well enough -- to prevent problems.Are the electrolyte levels consistent with this? 3.Whether these are actually present is then determined by considering the electrolytes and arterial blood gas measurement.A porous polymer membrane bag seals the electrolyte, allowing water vapour, but not the acid solution, to pass.Many of the birds are being hydrated with electrolytes via a catheter and kept warm on heating pads to treat hypothermia.