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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgaseousgas‧e‧ous /ˈɡæsiəs $ ˈɡæsiəs, -ʃəs/ adjective  HClike gas or in the form of gas
Examples from the Corpus
gaseousAnalogous distinctions between band envelopes may be made for Raman spectra of gaseous asymmetric tops, but they are not commonly used.Table 3. 2 provides individual estimate for gaseous coal seams with the geometric mean used wherever a wide spread is given.Initially, the disk was extremely hot, so that its materials were largely in gaseous form.The new standards cut emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, gaseous hydrocarbons and particulate matter.This is the technique of flash photolysis, and again it can be applied to gaseous or to liquid samples.The walls of these are thick with blood vessels which absorb gaseous oxygen.This line divides the pressure-temperature conditions for the liquid phase from those for the gaseous phase.Some gaseous reactions involve changes in the number of moles of gas.