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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneonne‧on /ˈniːɒn $ -ɑːn/ noun [uncountable]  TPHCa colourless gas that is found in small quantities in the air and is used in glass tubes to produce a bright light in electric advertising signs. It is a chemical element: symbol Neneon lights/signs (=ones that use neon) the neon lights of Las Vegas A neon sign flashed on and off above the door.
Examples from the Corpus
neonPhysical trapping is likely to be about as effective for neon, argon and krypton.The public reception area, a strange mixture of green neon and granite, is awash with the sound of running water.With only 6000 years of life left the temperature rockets to 620 million degrees, to convert carbon into neon.The other neon sign which surmounted the Parliament building, a huge red star, has recently been removed.The downtown Dallas skyline is accented in green and blue and red neon.You see it in the neon strips that colour the city, the flashing lights on every corner.Dancing black girls writhing under the twinkling neon of a pizzeria.But not drunk enough. crilly My North London flat is filled with neon.neon lights/signsA few neon signs are beginning to appear on the larger buildings advertising the usual Western wares such as Levi jeans.Faces are bathed in the bright glow of flashing neon signs that turn night into day along Fremont Street.He turns down a small side alley where the scene is quieter, with fewer glaring neon signs and nude photo displays.A million neon signs push the delicacy of the pink twilight into a dull haze.Once she stuffed her diaphragm into one of my neon lights, breaking it, shattering it.On the night after our arrival in Tokyo, I saw neon lights dancing up and down the streets of the Ginza.The neon lights outside were barely visible through the sheen of condensation coating the inside of the cafe window.The old motels capitalized on regional pride and kitsch, cheerfully twisting their neon signs into oddball shapes.