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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorganic chemistryorˌganic ˈchemistry noun [uncountable]  HCCthe study of substances containing carboninorganic chemistry
Examples from the Corpus
organic chemistryLouise and Amelia were also both enrolled in an inorganic chemistry course at Columbia and an organic chemistry course at Barnard.Red has four finals in four days: physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and calculus.It is made annually for eminence in organic chemistry and includes a monetary prize of £2000.In organic chemistry it is thus more convenient to describe carbon in terms of its valency than its oxidation numbers.Perhaps above all he will be remembered by many as the friend who taught them the craft that is organic chemistry.The company is involved in a wide range of organic chemistry.It is awarded biennially for excellence in physical organic chemistry embracing the relationship between structure and reactivity.The book thus seeks to explain the application of these colorants in terms of their organic chemistry.