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retortretort2 noun [countable]  1 ANSWER/REPLYa short angry or humorous reply He was about to make a sharp retort.2 HCa bottle with a long narrow bent neck, used for heating chemicals
Examples from the Corpus
retortEvery time the child makes demands the parent provides a retort and opens up the possibility of more interaction about the demand.But at least it warranted a retort.Ellie's angry retort surprised Max.She snapped out careless retorts and soared in brief Puccinian reminiscences with equal ease.She could never think of a clever retort to counter Ben's string of jokes and witticisms.Damn these clothes, Hope thought; dressed as he was, an irritable retort became a threatening social punishment.She's always ready with a quick retort.The teacher's demonstration might be countered by the retort that other things besides chalk leave white traces on a blackboard.The retort made the boy fold up his clipping pretty quick.You will also need to keep your retort to yourself - even if the person deserves a sharp wood.