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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaturatesat‧u‧rate1 /ˈsætʃəreɪt/ verb [transitive]  1 formalWET to make something very wet syn soak opp dry Water poured through the hole, saturating the carpet.2 FULLto put a lot of something into a particular place, especially so that you could not add any moresaturate something with something Our culture is saturated with television and advertising.3 saturate the market4 technicalHC to mix as much of a solid into a chemical mixture as possible→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
saturateThe pervading citrus smell of aftershave, the same smell that had saturated Brady's apartment and Feldman's studio.He declared that the boiler was a straight forward Stephenson saturated design which couldn't really be improved.Issa is saturating local radio time with his campaign ads.In the mid nineties the rate of new infections began to level off in some heavily saturated nations.Hoots of triumph crashed through the shrinking kitchen like the trumpeting of elephants, saturating the air.The bathtub overflowed, and water saturated the carpeting.Heavy rains had saturated the ground, turning the streets into rivers.Saturate the label with vinegar and let it sit before you try to scrape it off the bottle.Children whose entire existence has been saturated with these accoutrements reached college age during the 1990s.