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solidsolid2 ●○○ noun  1 [countable]HCTHING a firm object or substance that has a fixed shape, not a gas or liquid the properties of liquids and solids2 solids3 [countable] technical the part of a liquid which has the qualities of a solid when it is separated from the solvent (=watery part)4 [countable] technicalHMCF a shape which has length, width, and height, such as a sphere or cylinderplane
Examples from the Corpus
solidWater changes from a liquid to a solid when it freezes.Notice that the magnitudes of the values for solids are much greater than those for gases.The conducting properties of solids vary widely.Whether you prefer solids or stripes, polo shirts are big for school this fall.These solids are said to be amorphous.However, unlike solids, the attractive forces are not sufficient to hold the particles together in a regular structure.