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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsulphuroussul‧phu‧rous British English, sulfurous American English /ˈsʌlfərəs/ adjective  HCrelating to, full of, or used with sulphur
Examples from the Corpus
sulphurousSometimes there were sandy heaths which looked like parts of Surrey and sometimes massive, sulphurous and heavily polluted industrial plants.The lime was mixed with flowers of sulphur so that the walls would give off sulphurous fumes when they got warm.The moment I saw Narendra all the repressed speech of the previous weeks came out like sulphurous gas from a geyser.By 7am his eyes will be weeping and raw from the sulphurous pesticides in the soil.The monstrous tiger on which Asmodeus sat crept forwards, sulphurous plumes of smoke rising from its nostrils.It smelled occasionally sulphurous, when the photocopiers short-circuited.Hot sulphurous winds began to rake through the empty Delhi avenues.By the time I reached the small town of Pinedale the blue sky had been blotted out by ugly, sulphurous yellow.