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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurface tensionˌsurface ˈtension noun [uncountable]  HPthe way the molecules in the surface of a liquid stick together so that the surface is held together
Examples from the Corpus
surface tensionThe jersey, which was extra small, had shoulder straps that were hanging on by surface tension and willpower.The goal is to create a firm surface tension that allows the bread to rise without spreading out sideways.As they form under the forces of surface tension, they drag the silk into little bundles within them.This reduces surface tension allowing a better oxygen mixture therefore making the fuel easier to burn.The substances are immiscible, and the surface tension between them draws the oil into the thinnest possible film upon the surface.Similarly an insect walking on the surface of a pond would have gravity counteracted by the surface tension of the water.Excess water lowers the surface tension and makes the clay soft and weak.The cup was so full, the coffee bulged with surface tension.