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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtannintan‧nin /ˈtænɪn/ (also tannic acid /ˌtænɪk ˈæsɪd/) noun [uncountable]  HCa reddish acid used in preparing leather, making ink etc
Examples from the Corpus
tanninRed wines are fermented at a higher temperature than whites to extract colour and tannin from the skins.The best examples have a good balance of dry tannin and rich fruit.This process allows the harsh tannin to mellow and the wine to develop complexity.Those caterpillars that feed on older leaves, with a high tannin content, are less nutritious for the chicks.Pastiche: This charming, mediumbodied red wine from Joseph Phelps offers plentiful fruit, admirable length and little tannin.One of the problems we've had of late is the wine keeping too much tannin as it matures.The 1994, like all vintages, is a burly wine with loads of blackberry fruit and a good lashing of tannin.It has some plummy fruit, with sufficient tannin for only £2.74.