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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvalenceva‧len‧ce /ˈveɪləns/ (also valency /-lənsi/) noun [countable] technical  1 HCa measure of the power of atoms to combine together to form compounds2 x-refanother spelling of valance
Examples from the Corpus
valenceThe patient will often refuse to go into a valence because he hates it.We know the way a patient gets into valences when he dramatizes his engrams in life.As with core levels, there are various approaches to the computation of valence level binding energies.In a pure semiconductor the valence band is essentially filled and the higher conduction band essentially empty.We see, then, that time, in the Orphic cosmological framework, has three valences.In molecules with unpaired valence electrons, spin-spin coupling between valence and core electrons leads to further small splittings.Bonding may be ionic or covalent, depending on whether valence electrons are transferred or shared.