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minorminor2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 lawSSC someone who is below the age at which they become legally responsible for their actions This film contains material unsuitable for minors.see thesaurus at child2 American EnglishSEC the second main subject that you study at university for your degree opp major I’m taking history as my minor.3 the minors
Examples from the Corpus
minorThomas pleaded guilty to buying alcohol for a minor.And in Minnesota, the proportion of second-trimester abortions among minors increased by 18 percent following enactment of parental notification law.Or have we moved from minor to major?Major minor was sent off in a school soccer match.They were, however, still minors.He came up from the minors, directing martial-arts movies.Although they've ended up at the same spot in their careers, they progressed through the minors at different rates.Stores are forbidden to sell alcohol and cigarettes to minors."What's your minor?" "History."