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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorphanor‧phan1 /ˈɔːfən $ ˈɔːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SSCa child whose parents are both dead The war has left thousands of children as orphans.orphan girl/boy/child a poor little orphan girl
Examples from the Corpus
orphanHe is the unloved schoolboy son of an unhappy marriage; she is an orphan.Richard was an orphan, adopted at nine months.Dr Barnardo founded homes for orphans in the late nineteenth century.Four orphans vow to be a family, but come to break their promises.Sheikhas were always looking for homeless orphans to take under their wing.They are not just servants, they are like my own family: I call them my orphans.Pepino was a ten-year-old orphan. His parents had been killed in the war.Fiona Grogan, 17, portrayed orphan Sophie with the right quality of childlike credibility without patronising children.This orphan grew up to be a soldier.orphan girl/boy/childIn the case of orphan children the position is relatively clear: a child without parents needs some one to care for it.It may well be that the better education of orphan girls was a particular feature of the experiment.They Survey the huddled women briefly, then Stare at the orphan girls.Jane, the orphan girl, was chosen to go.The children's home is sending us one of their orphan boys.When she dies-and it will be soon-she will leave behind three orphaned children.Due to some unexplained back story, Royer-Collard has been keeping a young orphan girl locked away at a nunnery.