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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoiledspoiled /spɔɪld/ (also spoilt British English) adjective  1 SSCBAD PERSONa spoiled person, especially a child, is rude and behaves badly because they have always been given what they want and allowed to do what they want Ben was a spoilt brat (=a spoiled and unpleasant child). Their children were spoiled rotten (=very spoiled).2 be spoilt/spoiled for choice
Examples from the Corpus
spoiledThe entire station knew about his spoiled child bride.She would feel like a spoiled child insisting that she wanted to go home.Perhaps spoiled children are all alike.She had no sympathy for the rich, spoiled girl who'd walked out of her room and disappeared.In a nutshell, they behaved like spoiled kids.Those kids are definitely spoiled - they need to learn some manners.spoiled rottenA lot of older people think the younger generation is spoiled rotten.He is surprised at how headstrong, spoiled rotten, and needful of training and discipline I have become during his absence.