abbess abbey abbot absolution Advent alleluia altar boy Anglican Anglo-Catholic apocalyptic apostle apostolic archbishop archbishopric archdeacon archdiocese Ark of the Covenant Ash Wednesday Authorized Version banns baptism Baptist baptize basilica beadle beatify Benedictine benediction benefice biblical biretta bishop bishopric blaspheme blasphemy brother bull Calvinism Calvinist canon canonical canonize canon law cantor cardinal cardinal sin carol catechism cathedral Catholic chantry chapel chaplain chaplaincy chapter chapterhouse cherub Christ christen Christendom christening Christian(n) Christian(a) church churchgoer churchman Church of England churchwarden churchwoman churchyard clergyman clergywoman cleric clerical clerk cloister collect commandment communicant compline confess confession confessional confessor confirmation congregation Congregationalism consecrate cope creationist creche crib Christianity crosier crozier crucifix crucifixion crusade(n) crusade(v) crypt curacy curate deacon deaconess dean deanery diocese disciple disestablish dispensation dog collar Dominican Easter ecclesiastic ecclesiastical ecumenical Eden elder encyclical Epiphany episcopal Epistle evangelical evangelist evangelize evensong excommunicate exegesis fellowship flagellant flagellate flock font Fr friar frock fundamentalist gargoyle genuflect godfather God-fearing godless godly godmother godparent godson Good Friday grace gracious Hail Mary harvest festival High Church High Mass Holy Communion Holy Father Holy Spirit Holy Week Holy Writ homily hymn book imprimatur incarnation induct indulgence inquisitor interdenominational interdict Jesuit judgment day lay lay reader lectern lesson litany Low Church lychgate manna manse matins meeting-house messianic Methodist minister ministerial ministry minster miracle missal missionary mitre moderator Monsignor Morning Prayer mortal sin Mother of God Mother Superior name day Nativity Nativity play nave Negro spiritual Noah's ark Nonconformist nuncio offertory oratory ordination original sin Our Father Our Lady Our Lord padre Palm Sunday papacy papal papist parable parish parish church parish clerk parishioner parochial parochial school parson parsonage passion play pastor patriarch patron saint penance penitent Pentecost Pentecostal perdition Plymouth Brethren pontiff pontifical pontificate Pope prayer book predestination prelate Presbyterian presbytery priest Primate prior prioress priory Protestant psalm psalmist psalter pulpit Quaker RC rector rectory redeem redemption requiem Rev Revd Reverend Reverend Mother revival revival meeting Roman Catholic rood screen rosary sacrament sacristan sacristy saint sainted sainthood saint's day salvation sanctuary Satan save schism scriptural secular see seminary seraph sermon sexton Shrove Tuesday sister sisterhood SJ special licence steeple stigmata stoup Sunday school surplice synod tabernacle testify transubstantiation Trappist unfrock Unitarian venial vespers vestment vestry vicar vicarage votive vow Whitsun wimple Xmas


Chris‧ti‧an‧i‧ty [uncountable]
the religion based on the life and beliefs of Jesus Christ
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