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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapostolicap‧o‧stol‧ic /ˌæpəˈstɒlɪk◂ $ -ˈstɑː-/ adjective technical  1 RRCconnected with the Pope (=leader of the Catholic church)2 RRCconnected with one of Christ’s 12 apostles
Examples from the Corpus
apostolicA desire to understand the thought and experience of the apostolic Church.These last propositions were hotly contested in the apostolic community.There were no official mediators, licensed by an ecclesiastical hierarchy or set apart by apostolic ordination.And it remains a matter of debate to what extent Luke is exercising editorial privilege in his accounts of the apostolic preaching.He wanted to show that one could be an educated and intelligent believer without abandoning the apostolic rule of faith and life.In this capacity he conscientiously fulfilled his duties for thirty-one years in a perfect apostolic spirit.The hand is a strong one, and the sentiments, emphasizing the apostolic succession of bishops, are magisterially expressed.May our apostolic work be affirmed and expanded in the years ahead.