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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharchdeaconarch‧dea‧con /ˌɑːtʃˈdiːkən◂ $ ˌɑːrtʃ-/ noun [countable]  RRCa priest of a high rank in the Anglican Church who works under a bishop
Examples from the Corpus
archdeaconBy the thirteenth century archdeacons acted as lieutenants of the bishops within the separate dioceses or sees.In addition, the eleven cathedral deans and sixty archdeacons were summoned as a rule.Until Disestablishment in 1870 the archdeacons of Dromore were, from time immemorial, rectors of Seagoe.The new pope was given the name Innocent by the archdeacon and invested with the scarlet mantle which signified his pontificate.I suppose the link between chapter and parish is really administratively through the archdeacon.He had three suffragan bishops and three archdeacons.By now he had discovered what archdeacons do, and did not have to do everything himself.