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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbullbull1 /bʊl/ ●●○ noun 🔊 🔊 1 bull.jpg male cowHBATA [countable] an adult male animal of the cattle family 🔊 a herd of cows with one bull2 male animalHBA [countable] the male of some other large animals such as the elephant or whale3 → take the bull by the horns4 nonsense [uncountable]UNTRUE informal nonsense or something that is completely untrue syn rubbish 🔊 What a load of bull!5 → like a bull in a china shop6 → like a bull at a gate7 religionRRC [countable] an official statement from the Pope8 centreDSO [countable] (also bullseye) the centre of a target that you are shooting at9 business [countable] technicalBFS someone who buys shares because they expect prices to rise → bear → bull market → cock and bull story at cock1(4), → like a red rag to a bull at red1(5), → shoot the bull at shoot1(13)
Examples from the Corpus
bullâ€Ē Myrcan sympathy, like milk from a bull.â€Ē I charged in like a bull.â€Ē With the right company, certainly the stock should hit new highs with the next bull market.â€Ē Put another way, if Karelin were in Pamplona, the bulls would run away from him. 6.â€Ē It didn't take Lowell long to realise that the bull hadn't unearthed any pieces of urn.â€Ē The bull was under the protection of a court order.