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CatholicCatholic adjective  RRCconnected with the Roman Catholic ChurchCatholic noun [countable]Catholicism /kəˈθɒlɪsɪzəm $ kəˈθɑː-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
CatholicRemember the lesson of Northern Ireland, where Protestant and Catholic children have long been taught to hate each other.There was a deep sense of prayer, an opportunity for reflection and an enjoyment in discovering more about our Catholic faith.At one time not a single priest lived in Catholic Maryland.Whether Terence O'Neill was committed to promoting the sorts of reforms which might have satisfied the Catholic minority is unknown.Silvio Berlusconi and a group of Catholic parties want a widely based government to work on constitutional changes.After a while my hands smelled like an old-time Catholic school lunch room on a hot Friday.a Catholic school