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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishChristendomChris‧ten‧dom /ˈkrɪsəndəm/ noun [uncountable] formal  RRCall the Christian people or countries in the world
Examples from the Corpus
ChristendomSay this is the most toweringly revolting house in all Christendom.It is not only Catholic Christendom which has been guilty of seeking to domesticate the Holy Spirit in this way.Are New Agers just simply home-grown nature-lovers, or are they one of the greatest dangers to confront Christendom?It is a magnificent building which has been described as the greatest church in Christendom.St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in ChristendomWas I not perhaps the greatest fool in Christendom?The clause among the Fourth Lateran Council decrees that proposed regulated taxes for the churches and provinces of Christendom suggests as much.Its initial presentation indirectly reflected the growing polarities within Christendom.His presence and influence there made him a figure in world Christendom.