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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclericalcler‧i‧cal /ˈklerɪkəl/ adjective  1 Brelating to office work, especially work such as keeping records or accounts a clerical error clerical workers2 RRCrelating to the clergy a clerical collar
Examples from the Corpus
clericalThe work you'll do is mainly clerical.Essential to his effort was the restoration of a vigorous and self-conscious clerical caste.Nothing would ever be said, but the activity would be seen as part of a clerical decline.Belliustin called upon the tsar to circumvent the ecclesiastical hierarchy and breathe life into the clerical estate.Then down to the clerical job in City Hall for more learning.Discrimination was highest for male, junior clerical jobs, management trainees and accountants, and lowest for female clerical jobs.Nine council members serve part time in Huntington Beach, sharing a clerical staff of three.clerical staffOtherwise the key areas of debt counselling and clerical support can not continue adequately.The clergy, however, preferred to discuss these matters in provincial clerical synods where they governed the procedures and priorities.