Language: Old English
Origin: cribb


1 noun
1 [countable]DHB American English a bed for a baby or young child, with bars on the side to stop the baby from falling out [= cot British English]
2 [countable] British English a bed with high sides for a very young baby, which you can move gently from side to side [= cradle]
3 [countable]TA a wooden frame in which you put food for animals such as cows and horses
4RRC [countable] British English a model of the scene of Jesus' birth, often placed in churches and homes at Christmas [↪ Nativity]
5 [countable] British English informal a book or piece of paper with information or answers to questions, which students sometimes use dishonestly in examinations
6 [countable] American English spoken the place where someone lives
somebody's crib
I'm not at my crib, I'm at Jed's house.
7 [uncountable]DGC the card game of cribbage


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