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crusadecrusade2 verb [intransitive]  RRCto take part in a crusade syn campaigncrusade against/for He continued to crusade for free education for all.crusader noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
crusadeDuring his six months in office, Illes crusaded against powerful and entrenched organisations such as the water and power industries.And he intends to crusade for the return of the blocks.Lange has crusaded in the past on emissions issues, such as heavy goods vehicle pollution.And he crusaded to boost minority enrollment in honors classes until it matched the percentage of minorities enrolled in the school.The difference, of course, is that in 1964 Congress was dominated by liberals crusading to expand the power of government.crusade against/forWe have won the crusade for a balanced budget with tax relief.In the civil war of 324 he had represented his military campaign as a crusade against a corrupt paganism.In the crusade for civil rights, the federal government sets a uniform standard that overrides local prejudices.They thought that he would launch a crusade against corruption and make heads roll before ordering elections.He urged parents and churches to join a crusade against crime.That's Crusade against Cruelty, tomorrow, at six twenty five.They see the United States as fighting a proxy counterinsurgency war disguised as a crusade against drugs.Money solved that problem, as it was to solve many others to come in the crusade against polio.