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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishHoly SpiritˌHoly ˈSpirit noun [singular]  RRCGod in the form of a spirit according to the Christian religion syn Holy Ghost
Examples from the Corpus
Holy SpiritIt was as if the Holy Spirit had taken his hands off and was standing back, observing, watchful.For many of us, prayer in the Holy Spirit is something about which we know very little.I began to see the key to this as being the fullness of the Holy Spirit.She ended her address by describing her personal image of the Holy Spirit.For all practical purposes, the Holy Spirit could be discounted.Do you quench the Holy Spirit?But it is possible that the Holy Spirit was doing something much larger and more all-encompassing than they could have imagined.And, as we know so well, the Holy Spirit fell on the day of pentecost with tongues as of fire.